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Choosing the Perfect Riding Experience: Your Guide to E-Bike Tires

Apr 23, 2024

There are many differences between electric bicycles and motorcycles. Electric bicycles are typically lighter than motorcycles and do not require large tires for long distance rides due to their electric power systems. These differences are common to all bicycles, but for electric bicycles, they must have unique tires.

For many electric bicycles, we recommend choosing a rear wheel with high-performance tires. This is because the front wheel will encounter a lot of resistance during long distance rides. Even at low speeds (e.g. 20 km/h), there is resistance, and it is more pronounced at lower speeds.

Of course, most electric bicycles do not have enough power to provide enough weight and friction to drive the wheels. Therefore, the front wheel is usually lighter, faster, and more durable than the rear wheel.


Tire Selection Guide

First, it is necessary to understand your electric bicycle. Its model includes both the rear and front wheels and what type of tire they should match.

The rear wheel model may be a special model called "front wheel," which means it should match the front tire you choose. This means that your front wheel can be used on the rear wheel instead of the other way around.

Then, choose a suitable pair of tires and make cross comparisons. This will give you the best choice. If you have a front wheel and a rear wheel, you can accomplish this by choosing two tires.

For example, if you have a rear wheel and a front wheel, you can place the rear wheel and front wheel into the same group and find the best combination through cross comparison. Then move on to find the option that best suits your needs.

Tire Size and Specification

The size and specifications of electric bicycle tires are defined by the manufacturer, but that does not mean you have to follow their guidelines.

Some manufacturers use "tire size" to describe the specifications of their electric bicycles, but we recommend using "rim size" or "rim type." This is because there are many factors related to electric bicycles, and some factors may vary among different manufacturers.

For example, if you install a wheel on a front wheel, you can use a smaller tire; if you install a wheel on a rear wheel, you can use a larger tire.

Installation and Structure of Electric Bicycles

For most electric bicycles, the front wheel is rigid. The rear wheel requires better stability than the front wheel and has higher elasticity. Therefore, they need a shorter front fork, a larger rear wheel, and a larger rear axle.

Usually, the rear wheel is smaller and more flexible than the front wheel. When an electric bicycle is going uphill or downhill, the front wheel will push the vehicle to a large extent. In most cases, the front wheel has higher stability and can achieve higher speeds. However, if you have to change direction by turning, the rear wheel is also a choice.

Finally, it should be noted that both the front and rear wheels will encounter many different types and sizes of shocks on the road. Therefore, when installing tires, careful consideration must be given to get the best riding experience.

Other Considerations

For those who do not have tires, electric bicycles should have a complete tire system. This means that all wheelsets should be separate.

A wheel may have two different specifications:

Normal specifications: suitable for general bicycles;

High-performance specifications: suitable for competitive racing or some high-performance motorcycles, such as KFC.

There are also some additional features such as anti-skid, anti-explosion tires, and quick tire replacement.

Recommended High-Performance Tires

Finally, we recommend brands and models that have been properly tested. This is because they have high performance, are lightweight, and durable, and will not put too much pressure on you. At lower speeds, they will not cause too much resistance.

Some brands, such as Venta, although more expensive, provide better grip, lighter weight, and better durability. Other brands, such as Challenger, have a wider wheel width, but they are usually less durable and do not have as much durability.

Regardless of which type of tire you choose, it should be tested before long distance rides to ensure that it is suitable for your needs.

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